Meet Spiderz, a Web Hosting solutions company in Dubai

Spiderz is a web hosting solutions company that started in the year 2002 in Dubai, UAE. The year 2022 marks our 20th anniversary.

We offer full-service, affordable, locally supported web hosting provisioned on AWS and Azure.

  • Our clientele includes small to medium sized businesses who are driven primarily by their principals; entrepreneurs and owners.
  • Our web hosting services include, web server provisioning on popular server platforms, including management and licensing.
  • Our team ensures delivery of the highest possible uptime to your servers, keeping them online, secure and backed-up.

To host your next web project, write to host@spiderz.com or simply order online.

If you’re looking for web hosting services, see our – web hosting solutions page.

Established 2002

Our Principals
Yasser Masood
Technical Product Manager and Solutions Consultant
Yasser’s been with Spiderz since 2002, when he founded the company in Dubai. He’s the driving force behind the company and has helped build a foundation that is now prospering.
Sana Nayab
Operations Specialist and CRP Team Lead

Sana’s been with Spiderz since 2004 and is a partner in the company today. She manages day-to-day affairs of the business and is a key driver of success in the areas of account management.

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Need to host a new web project?
Give us a call on +971 6 7416091 or email host@spiderz.com for consultation.
Spiderz — Web hosting company serving Global Business. A UAE service made with for businesses in Dubai.