WooCommerce Hosting


Dubai: WooCommerce hosting for online shops from AED. 270.00/mo.

Amazon Web Services

CloudLinux OS

cPanel Hosting Platform

Intel Xeon vCPUs - 2.x Ghz

SSD Storage - 250 MB/S
3x Global DNS

WooCommerce Hosting for Online Shops

WooCommerce hosting from AED 270.00 per Month. Publish your online shop with complete ease. Ideal for web-shops running WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin. Free installation included.

WooCommerce web hosting plans

Choose a plan to host your WooCommerce website:


EX-720​ plan

AED 270.00 per mo.

AED. 450.00 40% OFF!

The Business EX720 WooCommerce hosting plan offers the perfect environment for publishing your online shop. Ideal for up to 2,500 products, the EX720 plan runs WooCommerce smoothly.

WooCommerce pitstop.

Business Plus

EX-750​ plan

AED 360.00 per mo.

AED. 600.00 40% OFF!

Serious online shops need to consider the Business EX750 plan for their WooCommerce websites. A step up in resources from the EX720 this plan is suited for store catalogs up to 5,000 products.

WooCommerce workhorse.

Business Pro

EX-780​ plan

AED 450.00 per mo.

AED. 750.00 40% OFF!

The Business EX780 WooCommerce hosting plan is ideal for large, traffic-intensive online shops with up to 10,000 SKUs. With ample compute, storage and email for your team, the EX780 is the best.

WooCommerce jet fire.
WooCommerce logo - Dubai WooCommerce hosting

Dubai: WooCommerce Hosting managed by a team of cPanel University certified sys-admins who Dubai.

Need WordPress servers for Business? See our plans starting at AED 90.00 per mo.

E-Series Business Servers

The Spiderz WooCommerce hosting plans for Online Shops run on our E-Series Business Servers that offer VPS-like dedicated resources for WooCommerce stores. High-spec, high-storage plans.

Features included with all web hosting plans:

File Manager
Backup & Backup Wizard
MySQL Databases & phpMyAdmin
Subdomains, Aliases and Redirects
DNS Zone Editor
Email Accounts & Webmail
Forwarders & Autoresponders
Email & Spam Filters
Calendars & Contacts
Server & Site Metrics
PHP PEAR Packages
Perl Modules
MultiPHP Manager & INI Editor
Error Pages & Cron Jobs
WordPress Manager
Hundreds of features supported by cPanel

Software running your web hosting plan:

CloudLinux OS 7.5
Apache 2.4.x
PHP 5.6, 7.1, 7.1, 7.2
Perl 5.16.x
Python 2.7.x
MySQL 5.7.x
phpMyAdmin 4.7.x
Exim MTA
Dovecot IMAP & POP3
Apache Solr
Apache SpamAssassin™
CageFS Virtualized File System
Clam AV Scanner
AutoSSL with Let’s Encrypt
Imunify 360 Security

Ways to Pay for your web hosting plan: