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Dubai: WordPress hosting for business from AED. 90.00/mo.

Amazon Web Services

CloudLinux OS

cPanel Hosting Platform

Intel Xeon vCPUs - 2.x Ghz

SSD Storage - 250 MB/S
3x Global DNS

WordPress Hosting for Business

Business WordPress hosting from AED 90.00 per Month. Includes email for your team. Run WordPress hassle-free with up to 200 GB SSD Storage and 4GB RAM. Ideal for startups that build on WP.

WordPress Business web hosting plans

Choose a plan to host your WordPress website and you@yourbusiness email:


CX-510 plan

AED 90.00 per mo.

AED. 150.00 40% OFF!

The Startup CX510 WordPress plan is ideal for running day-to-day business. Power your WordPress website and host email for ten users with 100 GB SSD disk storage.

WordPress for Startups.

Startup Plus

CX-540 plan

AED 135.00 per mo.

AED. 225.00 40% OFF!

Ideal for teams of fifteen, the Startup Plus CX540 WordPress hosting plan for business is a step up in resources from the CX510. Mid-tier and suited for active WP websites.

Grown-up WordPress.

Startup Pro

CX-570 plan

AED 180.00 per mo.

AED. 300.00 40% OFF!

With 200 GB SSD Storage for web and email use, the Startup Pro CX570 web hosting plan for WordPress is ideal for workflow-based WordPress sites with high traffic.

WordPress, maxed-out.
Wordpress logo - Dubai wordpress hosting

Dubai: WordPress Hosting managed by a team of cPanel University certified sys-admins who Dubai.

Need cheaper WordPress hosting? See our plans starting at AED 9.00 per mo.

C-Series Startup Servers

The Spiderz WordPress Hosting plans for Business run on our C-Series Startup Servers that offer up to 200 GB of SSD disk space, 1x Xeon vCPU and 4 GB of RAM with business email for growing teams.

Features included with all web hosting plans:

File Manager
Backup & Backup Wizard
MySQL Databases & phpMyAdmin
Subdomains, Aliases and Redirects
DNS Zone Editor
Email Accounts & Webmail
Forwarders & Autoresponders
Email & Spam Filters
Calendars & Contacts
Server & Site Metrics
PHP PEAR Packages
Perl Modules
MultiPHP Manager & INI Editor
Error Pages & Cron Jobs
WordPress Manager
Hundreds of features supported by cPanel

Software running your web hosting plan:

CloudLinux OS 7.5
Apache 2.4.x
PHP 5.6, 7.1, 7.1, 7.2
Perl 5.16.x
Python 2.7.x
MySQL 5.7.x
phpMyAdmin 4.7.x
Exim MTA
Dovecot IMAP & POP3
Apache Solr
Apache SpamAssassin™
CageFS Virtualized File System
Clam AV Scanner
AutoSSL with Let’s Encrypt
Imunify 360 Security

Ways to Pay for your web hosting plan: