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The best spam filtering service for business email in Dubai.

Anti-Spam Filter – inbound and outbound spam filtering service for email security, designed for Dubai businesses. Start from 20 AED/month. 1

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Spam Filtering Plans
Includes Spam Experts portal and app to monitor spam quarantine.
Incoming Filter
20 AED/month plus VAT

Eliminate spam mail before it arrives at your mailboxes. Secure your domains with inbound spam filtering and protect against inbound spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email-based threats.

Key Features

  • Incoming Filter for 1 Domain
  • Up to 1000 mailboxes
  • Hosted cloud-based solution
  • Unmatched Spam Intelligence
  • Email Quarantine
  • Reliable Mail Delivery Queueing
  • Web Panel to Manage your Services
Outgoing Filter
60 AED/month plus VAT

Scan every email that leaves your network for spam & malware. Secure your mail with outbound email filtering. Prevent IPs from blacklisting, detect network abuse and lock-down compromised users automatically.

Key Features

  • Outgoing Filter for 1 Domain
  • Up to 1000 mailboxes
  • Hosted cloud-based solution
  • Get rid of IP blacklisting
  • Limit email abuse to a minimum
  • Avoid possible Penalties
  • Support and Reporting
Incoming & Outoing Filter
40 AED/month plus VAT

Eliminate incoming spam and scan outgoing emails for your domain. Get the best of both inbound and outbound email filtering solutions from Spam Experts. The ideal spam firewall for your email security needs.

Key Features

  • All-in-One Filter for 1 Domain
  • Up to 1000 mailboxes
  • Hosted cloud-based solution
  • Incoming Email Filtering
  • Outgoing Email Filtering
  • Industry leading smart technology
  • Prevent your email infrastructure
Spam Filtering Features
Protect Your Network

Eliminate spam email before it reaches your network with our proprietary, predictive, self-learning technology. Learning from millions of emails processed daily, the proprietary incoming email filtering system has a nearly 100% filtering accuracy rate.

Detect New Spam Outbreaks

Spam Experts continuously collects and analyzes data to predict and instantly identify new spam outbreaks. This accumulated intelligence is shared real-time with all clients worldwide, ensuring timely protection against new threats.

Increased Email Continuity

When your email server is unreachable, our system allows you full access (read, compose, answer) to the emails stored in our queue until your email server is back online. This provides an uninterrupted email flow and increased email continuity, helping prevent email from being lost or bounced back to the sender.

Protect your IP and Reputation

Help secure your IP ranges against blacklisting by filtering outgoing spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email-based threats. Blacklisting prevention can not only help secure your IP, it can help secure your company’s reputation as well. Your organization and network can be regarded as trustworthy and safe.

Save Time and Money

Being blacklisted can be costly. Outside of reputation damages, you can save the time and costs associated with locating abused accounts, delisting, as well as user support and dissatisfaction. Add a layer of outgoing email continuity to help ensure delivery of your outbound email to the intended recipients.

Improve Abuse Manageability

Benefit from transparency and control over abuse within your network, through pro-active email monitoring and filter reports. Automatically or manually lock down abused accounts. Help customers reduce resource usage while providing monitoring. Offload your support by implementing Spam Experts solutions.

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Start from 20 AED/month 1
1 Price excludes VAT and statutory fees.