cPanel rules.
cPanel® gives customers a large range of features that allow them to control virtually every aspect of their websites. Some of these features are cutting-edge and cPanel development never ceases, so it’s best to follow what’s new in cPanel here:

Feature rich, host account management.

  • Easy to use web-based control panel.
  • Large range of site management features.​
  • Point-and-click website administration.
  • Web hosting & automation toolkit.

cPanel's not just a tool, it empowers an industry.

cPanel is the go-to account management control panel for web hosting.


A control panel that has stood the test of time and keeps growing with every new release.


A web-based control panel interface with navigation that feels like second nature.

Quality Features

A large selection of relevant cutting-edge features with swift software updates and releases.

Migration Ready

A no-hassle upgrade from a number of other control panels and easy to migrate.


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Host your websites, web applications and email with complete peace of mind and 100% resource isolation across domains.
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