Elastic Sites are here.
When upgrading to a VPS, you have two choices: pay for server management or attempt managing it yourself. Server management and licenses can result in a price increase of 8-10x over your previous shared hosting plan. Elastic Sites™ solve that problem. Here’s how:

The alternative to a VPS, now in arms reach.

  • VPS-grade resources for your account.
  • Complete user account isolation.
  • Reliability of a full-blown VPS.​
  • Easy to manage as a shared hosting plan.​

66% of shared hosting customers switch to VPS just to get more resources. You don't need to, anymore.

Resources your website needs without the burden of VPS management.

No software licenses

VPS-grade reliability and performance without the need to pay for software licenses or to manage patches.

Fully Managed

Zero configuration handling, server hardening or application installation. Easy to manage like a shared hosting site.

As good as a VPS

Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE), with allocated resources to take your website to the next level in hosting.

100% Isolation

Dedicated resources like RAM, CPU, and connections contain accounts to their own LVEs to ensure server stability.


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Host your websites, web applications and email with complete peace of mind and 100% resource isolation across domains.