A, C, E and G-Series
Our A, C, E and G Series Elastic Sites™ offer ten LAMP & cPanel hosting plans designed for business. Powered by CloudLinux™ Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology, each plan is designed to offer plenty of compute, memory, SSD storage, traffic and email for up to 100 users.

Linux Hosting for
Business powered by
CloudLinux OS and cPanel.

100% resource isolation across domains.

cPanel University Certified sales and support teams.

  • WordPress Hosting with up to 6 vCPUs.
  • WordPress ready with 1-Click WP Manager.
  • Bring your own Email (Office, Gmail or any!)
  • Ideal for all kinds of WordPress websites.

Hosting Plans

Choose one of the following plans from our A, C, E and G Series Elastic Sites. If you’re starting out, choose the AX-301 plan and simply upgrade as you grow.


AED 45
  • AWS, CloudLinux, cPanel
  • 1 vCPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 50 GB Disk - SSD!
  • 512 GB Traffic
  • 5 Users


AED 90
  • AWS, CloudLinux, cPanel
  • 1 vCPUs
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Disk - SSD!
  • 1 TB Traffic
  • 10 Users


AED 360
  • AWS, CloudLinux, cPanel
  • 2 vCPUs
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 400 GB Disk - SSD!
  • 4 TB Traffic
  • 40 Users


AED 900
  • AWS, CloudLinux, cPanel
  • 4 vCPUs
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Disk - SSD!
  • 10 TB Traffic
  • 100 Users
  • Pay securely with PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Pay monthly or every 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.
  • Pay securely with PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Pay monthly or every 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.

1 LVE is a kernel-level technology developed by the CloudLinux team. Read more about CloudLinux LVE here:

Compare Hosting Plans

The A, C, E and G Series Hosting Plans in plain view.

PlansE AX301S CX510​S CX540​S CX570​B EX720B EX750B EX780P GX930P GX960P GX990
Disk Space​50 GB100 GB150 GB200 GB300 GB400 GB500 GB600 GB800 GB1 TB
Traffic500 GB1 TB1.5 TB2 TB3 TB4 TB5 TB6 TB8 TB10 TB
FTP Accounts51015203040506080100
Storage per Mailbox USQC2
Total Mailboxes Quota350 GB100 GB​150 GB​200 GB300 GB400 GB500 GB600 GB800 GB1 TB
MySQL Databases​51015203040506080100
Domain Aliases​51015203040506080100
vCPU (SPEED)​1​111222444
RAM (PMEM)​512 MB1 GB2 GB4 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB4 GB8 GB16 GB
Entry Processes (EP)​204040406060608080100
Number of Processes (NPROC)​100100100100150150150200200200
Throughput (IO) KB/sec​51201024015360​20480​3072040960512006144081920102400
Operations per second (IOPS)​10241024​1024​1024​102410241024102410241024
Price AED p/mo.4590135180270360450540720900

1 One fully hosted website. Order multiple plans to host more websites.
2 Unlimited Server Quota Capped; Mailbox quotas can be set up to 50 GB per mailbox.
3 Total mailbox quota is limited to disk space quota.