It's Official

We're an official Elastic Sites™ provider.

We dig CloudLinux and love Elastic Sites. It's official too!

CloudLinux powered Elastic Sites™ - there's no better hosting out there.

  • Allocated CPU, RAM and Connections.
  • Account-level security and isolation.
  • Zero server management.
  • Nightly Backups and 24.7 monitoring.

High-resource sites, same great experience.

CloudLinux OS isolates each user into a separate Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE), which allocates and limits server resources, like RAM, CPU, and connections, for that user. These limits improve server stability because one user cannot use more resources than they are allocated. Users can now count on having enough resources and even see the usage on their account.

AWS Cloud

Deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and distributed globally for better flexibility, scalability and reliability.


CloudLinux Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE) allocates and limits resources per-account to leverage performance.

LAMP Stack

Open-source Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, offer the best web development environment with access to technologies like MultiPHP and Git Repositories.


The hosting platform of choice at its helm, your hosting experience remains unchanged while you benefit from all those under-the-hood technology benefits.


Cloud Hosting Services by Spiderz

Run your websites, web applications and email with complete peace of mind and 100% resource isolation across domains. Run Sites like Servers — explore Elastic Sites™.