Web design services in Dubai for Business Owners

At Spiderz we create compelling websites for business owners. We offer end-to-end web design services in Dubai.

If you run a company in Dubai, chances are you’re smart, you’re busy and you’ve got no time for do-it-yourself (DIY) web design!

That’s where Spiderz come in!

We’ve designed hundreds of websites of varying complexity over the past two decades, and we’ve done that by creating, managing and hosting websites for successful business owners in Dubai.

If you’re looking for web design services in Dubai that can take care of all the essential web services that your company needs, you’ve just found us! 😃

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Website Development

Spiderz leverages the WordPress and PHP open source platforms to deliver exciting websites to brands and businesses.

We develop using some of the most exciting tools in the web design industry – WordPress, Elementor, GeneratePress and Yoast – to name a few.

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Web App Development

Spiderz have coded and shipped tens of custom-designed web apps and e-commerce websites on the PHP and MySQL (LAMP) platform.

We are experts in developing progressive web apps. Our areas of focus are systems analysis and design, systems development, testing and debugging.

At present we are toying with Laravel, a free, open-source PHP web framework and have worked on the MEAN, a JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications, only recently.

Lastly, our speciality is e-commerce consulting and design. We are a Shopify partner since 2006 and develop e-commerce websites on the Shopify platform.

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Search is our new interest. Early 2020, we began our foray into website speed and search optimization, which both go hand in hand in improving website rankings.

Google loves speed and since advertising on Google is pretty expensive, it’s worthwhile in optimizing webpages correctly to rank them ‘better’ in Google.

Search engine optimization doesn’t mean you gain top listings for your keywords of choice magically, but it does mean, you’ve taken the time to write relevant content and letting Google know that it exists.

Beyond that, we’ve got you covered for search engine marketing to assist with targeting keyword searches for your products and services. With keyword pricing on the rise and intense competition in some categories, gear up to spend on Google – and convert visitors to customers.

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