Web design company in Dubai,
Meet Spiderz

Spiderz started as a web design company in Dubai in 2002. The year 2022 marks our twentieth birthday in the UAE.

That’s two decades of web design packed in the heads of our senior team, and it’s up for grabs! 😃

We leverage the WordPress and PHP open source platforms to deliver exciting websites for brands and businesses.

Our web designs are simple, neat and well-tested. We are experts in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL.

Over the years, we have worked for some 240+ businesses in the United Arab Emirates. Our major clientele is in Dubai.

To share your project or idea, write to:

If you’re looking for cutting-edge web hosting, we run our own servers – fancy trying one?

Established 2002

Yasser Masood, Founder

Yasser Masood

Technical Product Manager and Solutions Consultant

Yasser’s been with Spiderz since 2002, when he founded the company in Dubai. He’s the driving force behind the company and has helped build a foundation that is now prospering.

Sana Nayab

Operations Specialist and CRP Team Lead

Sana’s been with Spiderz since 2004 and is a partner in the company today. She manages day-to-day affairs of the business and is a key driver of success in the areas of account management.

Alexey Zolotukhin

Systems Development Lead and Application Engineer

Alexey’s contribution to Spiderz is immense. His keen interest in developing web apps in PHP and MEAN has help Spiderz achieve success since 2015, when he joined the team.

Khadeeja Yasser

SCRUM Master and QA Associate

Khadeeja’s been with Spiderz since 2018 and coordinates on the company’s various projects. Her grasp of web technology and a fresh skill-set in project management is a boon for the team.

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